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TCS CodeVita Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2020

I attended All India’s CodeVita contest this year i.e; 2020 in the month of July. In a total of 6 questions, I was somehow managed to solve one question. I was in confusion about my interview call. After a month, the results of codevita were out. I got rank around 7500. I was selected for an interview and my interview date was on Sep 19.

On the day of the interview, I was a bit nervous as that was my first ever experience in life. My interview time was at 4:15 pm in CiscoWebx meetings. My university management sent an Excel sheet to all the selected students in which it contains a link to join the meeting, panel number, and time of that particular student’s interview. My panel number was 11 and I set everything and got ready for my interview. I logged in before 10 minutes. But they accepted my request exactly at 4:15 pm. Until then, I was in the waiting room.

After entering the panel my interview went as follows:

There were three persons namely TR, MR, HR. HR explained the process of the interview. Later HR asked to start TR’s interview. 

  • TR Round: The TR asked me to introduce myself. I did it very confidently. After listening to my self-introduction, TR gave a smile and gave me applause. He was impressed with my self-intro. Later he directly asked to explain my project. After explaining, he rose up a few questions on my project I explained. And asked me to openly share my screen and to open notepad. He asked me to write a few programs like swapping two numbers without using the third variable, then print the second highest element from a set of integers. And the TR round was over.
  • MR Round: MR’s round started and he asked me about my preparation for the interview. I told him the way I prepared. Later, he asked me a few DBMS questions and few other subject-oriented questions. This was my MR round.
  • HR Round: The HR round went nice.HR asked about my strengths, weakness, and gave a real-time situation, and asked me how can I deal with that situation. I explained to her and finally informed me that my interview was over and do I have any questions. I asked her a few suggestions to enhance myself. She suggested me few and finally told me All the Best for my carrier and I left the meeting.

This was my 1st interview experience.

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