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A PostgreSQL trigger is a function that is invoked automatically whenever an event such as insert, update, or delete happens.PostgreSQL gives us an option to… Read More
To create a new trigger in PostgreSQL, you follow these steps: First, create a trigger function using CREATE FUNCTION statement. Second, bind the trigger function… Read More
A PostgreSQL trigger is a function invoked automatically whenever an event associated with a table occurs. An event could be any of the following: INSERT,… Read More
In PostgreSQL, there is no specific statement such as DISABLE TRIGGER for disabling an existing trigger. However, one can disable a trigger using the ALTER… Read More
In PostgreSQL, to modify the trigger, you use ALTER TRIGGER statement. This statement is a PostgreSQL extension of the SQL standard. The syntax of the… Read More
In PostgreSQL, the DROP TRIGGER statement is used to drop a trigger from a table. Syntax: DROP TRIGGER [IF EXISTS] trigger_name ON table_name [ CASCADE… Read More

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