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The querystring.escape( ) function is used to produce a percent-encoded query string from a normal string. This method is very similar to the browser’s encodeURIComponent… Read More
When we click the right mouse button on our desktop, a menu-like box appears and this box is called the context menu. In JavaScript, a… Read More
Hegemon is a work-in-progress modular system monitor written in secure Rust programming language. This allows users to monitor utilization and hardware in a single dashboard.… Read More
Whowatch is a console-based, interactive user and process monitoring tool. Whowatch shows the information about the user’s currently logged on the machine, in real-time. It… Read More
Popcorn Time is a BitTorrent client with multi-platform, free software that provides an integrated media player. A free alternative to subscription-based video streaming services, such… Read More
Reflect is a built-in JavaScript object which gives access to other methods for interceptable operations. JavaScript Reflect methods are the same as those of proxy… Read More
JSX: Consider the following code snippet, const sample = <h2>Greetings</h2>; The above code snippet somewhat looks like HTML, and it also uses a JavaScript-like variable… Read More
Error Boundaries: Error Boundaries basically provide some sort of boundaries or checks on errors, They are React components that are used to handle JavaScript errors… Read More
TMOUT is a Linux-Unix shell variable that provides the user security for their login session in the system. It provides the “Auto Logout Functionality” for… Read More
A constructor is a method that is called automatically when we created an object from that class. It can manage initial initialization tasks such as… Read More
nload is a console-based application which monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage in real. It provides information about incoming and outgoing traffic using graphs, and… Read More
React.js library is all about splitting the app into several components. Each Component has its own lifecycle. React provides us some in-built methods that we… Read More
The querystring.decode() method is used to parse a URL query string into an object that contains the key and pair values of the query URL.… Read More
rm command in UNIX stands for remove and by default is used for removing files. It is simple but a powerful command especially when used… Read More
The tracker.verify() method is used to verify the how many times function was actually called compared to expected number of calls. This function will throw… Read More

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