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WeakMap is a new Data Structure or Collection introduced in ES6. WeakMaps allows you to store a collection of Key-Value pairs. It adopts the same… Read More
The WeakMap() Constructor produces WeakMap objects that are a key/value pair array in which the key is referenced weakly. The keys should be objects and… Read More
WeakMap object in JavaScript is used to store the collection of objects (key-value pairs) in which keys are weakly referenced. The major difference of a… Read More
Below is the example of weakMap.set() method. Example: <script>      function gfg() {      const weakmap1 = new WeakMap();        const key1 = {};     const key2 =… Read More
Below is the example of weakMap.delete() method.   Example:   javascript <script>     function gfg() { const weakmap = new WeakMap();   const key = {}; weakmap.set(key, 6);… Read More
Below is the example of weakMap.has() method. Example: <script>      function gfg() {  const weakmap = new WeakMap();  const key = {};  weakmap.set(key, 'gfg');     document.write(weakmap.has(key)); … Read More
Below is the example of weakMap.get()() method. Example: <script>      function gfg() {     const weakmap1 = new WeakMap();     const key1 = {};     weakmap1.set(key1,… Read More

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