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LongStream count() returns the count of elements in the stream. LongStream count() is present in Syntax : long count() Example 1 : Count the… Read More
LongStream concat() method creates a concatenated stream in which the elements are all the elements of the first stream followed by all the elements of… Read More in Java 8, deals with primitive Longs. It helps to solve the old problems like finding maximum value in array, finding minimum value in… Read More
LongStream summaryStatistics() returns an LongSummaryStatistics describing various summary data about the elements of this stream like count of number of elements in the LongStream, average… Read More
LongStream sorted() returns a stream consisting of the elements of this stream in sorted order. It is a stateful intermediate operation i.e, it may incorporate… Read More
LongStream skip(long n) returns a stream consisting of the remaining elements of this stream after discarding the first n elements of the stream. If this… Read More
LongStream sequential() returns a sequential LongStream. It may return itself, either because the stream was already sequential, or because the underlying stream state was modified… Read More
LongStream range(long startInclusive, long endExclusive) returns a sequential ordered LongStream from startInclusive (inclusive) to endExclusive (exclusive) by an incremental step of 1. Syntax : static… Read More
LongStream rangeClosed(long startInclusive, long endInclusive) returns an LongStream from startInclusive (inclusive) to endInclusive (inclusive) by an incremental step of 1. Syntax : static LongStream rangeClosed(long… Read More
LongStream peek() is a method in The function returns a stream consisting of the elements of this stream, additionally performing the provided action on… Read More
LongStream parallel() is a method in This method returns a parallel LongStream, i.e, it may return itself, either because the stream was already present,… Read More
LongStream generate(LongSupplier s) returns an infinite sequential unordered stream where each element is generated by the provided LongSupplier(a supplier of long-valued results). This is suitable… Read More
LongStream sum() returns the sum of elements in this stream. This is a special case of a reduction. LongStream sum() is a terminal operation i.e,… Read More
Given an array of elements of integers or long data type, you need to check if a given key is present in this array using… Read More

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