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Consider two processors P1 and P2 executing the same instruction set. Assume that under identical conditions, for the same input, a program running on P2… Read More
Given the following schema: employees(emp-id, first-name, last-name, hire-date, dept-id, salary) departments(dept-id, dept-name, manager-id, location-id) You want to display the last names and hire dates of… Read More
Which one of the following propositional logic formulas is TRUE when exactly two of p, q, and r are TRUE? (A) A (B) B (C)… Read More
An ordered n-tuple (d1, d2, … , dn) with d1 >= d2 >= ⋯ >= dn is called graphic if there exists a simple undirected… Read More
Consider an undirected graph G where self-loops are not allowed. The vertex set of G is {(i, j): 1 <= i <= 12, 1 <=… Read More
Let S denote the set of all functions f: {0,1}4 -> {0,1}. Denote by N the number of functions from S to the set {0,1}.… Read More
A pennant is a sequence of numbers, each number being 1 or 2. An n-pennant is a sequence of numbers with sum equal to n.… Read More
Four fair six-sided dice are rolled. The probability that the sum being 22 is X/1296. The value of X is ________ (A) 7 (B) 8… Read More
A function is continuous in the interval [0, 2]. It is known that f(0) = f(2) = -1 and f(1) = 1. Which one of… Read More
The function f(x) = x sinx satisfies the following equation f”(x) + f(x) + t cosx = 0. The value of t is (A) -1… Read More
Consider a 4-to-1 multiplexer with two select lines S1 and S0, given below The minimal sum-of-products form of the Boolean expression for the output F… Read More
An access sequence of cache block address is of length N and contains n unique block addresses. The number of unique block addresses between two… Read More
Consider a 6-stage instruction pipeline, where all stages are perfectly balanced. Assume that there is no cycle-time overhead of pipelining. When an application is executing… Read More
Consider a hash table with 9 slots. The hash function is ℎ(k) = k mod 9. The collisions are resolved by chaining. The following 9… Read More
Consider the following pseudo code. What is the total number of multiplications to be performed? D = 2 for i = 1 to n do… Read More