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If the characteristic polynomial of a 3 × 3 matrix M over R (the set of real numbers) is λ3 – 4λ2 + aλ +… Read More
Two transactions T1 and T2 are given as: T1: r1(X)w1(X)r1(Y)w1(Y) T2 : r2(Y)w2(Y)r2(Z)w2(Z) where ri(V) denotes a read operation by transaction Ti on a variable… Read More
Given f(w, x, y, z) = Σm(0,1,2,3,7,8,10) + Σd(5,6,11,15), where d represents the don’t-care condition in Karnaugh maps. Which of the following is a minimum… Read More
If a random variable X has a Poisson distribution with mean 5, then the expression E[(X + 2)2] equals _____. Note: This question appeared as… Read More
Consider the following database table named top_scorer. Consider the following SQL query: SELECT ta.player FROM top_scorer AS ta WHERE ta.goals > ALL ( SELECT tb.goals… Read More
In a B+ tree, if the search-key value is 8 bytes long, the block size is 512 bytes and the block pointer is 2 bytes,… Read More
(A) Nβ(1-β) (B) Nβ (C) N((1-β)) (D) Not expressible in terms of N and β Answer: (B) Explanation: gy(z) = ((1- β) + βz)N Expanding  gy(z) we’ll… Read More
A message is made up entirely of characters from the set X = {P,Q,R,S,T} . The table of probabilities of each character is shown below… Read More
The next state table of a 2 bit saturating up-counter is given below. The counter is built as synchronous sequential circuit using T flip-flops. The… Read More
(A) θ(log log n) (B) θ(log n) (C) θ(sqrt(n)) (D) θ(n) Answer: (B) Explanation: T(n) = 2T(√n) + 1 Let n = 2m ==> T(2m)… Read More
Consider a binary code that consists only four valid codewords as given below. 00000, 01011, 10101, 11110 Let minimum Hamming distance of code be p… Read More
Consider a machine with byte addressable memory of 232 bytes divided into blocks of size 32 bytes. Assume a direct mapped cache having 512 cache… Read More
Consider the following program #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> int main() { char * c = "GATECSIT2017"; char *p = c; printf("%d", (int)strlen(c+2[p]-6[p]-1)); return 0; } The Output… Read More
If the ordinary generating function of a sequence is: then a3-a0 is equal to: (A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 15 (D) 20 Answer: (C) Explanation:… Read More
P and Q are considering to apply for job. The probability that p applies for job is 1/4. The probability that P applies for job… Read More