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A library relational database system uses the following schema USERS (User#, UserName, HomeTown) BOOKS (Book#, BookTitle, AuthorName) ISSUED (Book#, User#, Date) Explain in one English… Read More
A computer system has a three level memory hierarchy, with access time and hit ratios as shown below:         a) What should… Read More
A hard disk is connected to a 50 MHz processor through a DMA controller. Assume that the initial set-up of a DMA transfer takes 1000… Read More
Consider the synchronous sequential circuit in the below figure         a) Draw a state diagram, which is implemented by the circuit. Use… Read More
A file system with a one-level directory structure is implemented on a disk with disk block size of 4K bytes. The disk is used as… Read More
A computer system uses the Banker’s Algorithm to deal with deadlocks. Its current state is shown in the table below, where P0, P1, P2 are… Read More
The concurrent programming constructs fork and join are as below: fork <label>         which creates a new process executing from the specified label… Read More
Consider the syntax-directed translation schema (SDTS) shown below: E → E + E {print “+”} E → E ∗ E {print “.”} E → id… Read More
Consider the following program in pseudo-pascal syntax. What is printed by the program if parameter a in procedure test1 is passed as i) call-by-reference parameter ii)… Read More
Consider the following program that attempts to locate an element x in a sorted array a[ ] using binary search. Assume N>1. The program is… Read More
Let G be the directed, weighted graph shown in below figure We are interested in the shortest paths from A. (a) Output the sequence of… Read More
A complete, undirected, weighted graph G is given on the vertex {0, 1,…., n−1} for any fixed ‘n’. Draw the minimum spanning tree of G… Read More
Insert the characters of the string K R P C S N Y T J M into a hash table of size 10. Use the… Read More
A two dimensional array A[1…n][1…n] of integers is partially sorted if ∀i, j ∈ [1...n−1], A[i][j] < A[i][j+1] and A[i][j] < A[i+1][j] Fill in the… Read More
Let Q = ( {q1,q2}, {a,b}, {a,b,Z}, δ, Z, ϕ) be a pushdown automaton accepting by empty stack for the language which is the set… Read More