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Tag Archives: GATE 2017 MOCK II

In public key and private key cryptography, host ‘A’ has PuA and PrA, host ‘B’ has PuB and PrB as public and private keys respectively.… Read More
Match the protocol with the characteristics: 1. Mails are stored on the computer client use. 2. Stateless protocol 3. Converts MAC address to IP address.… Read More
A broadcast channel has 10 nodes and total capacity of 12 Mbps. It uses polling for medium access. Once a node finishes transmission, there is… Read More
Consider the following two statements: Statement 1: Stop and Wait protocol is preferred for LANs compared to WANs Statement 2: Stop and Wait protocol is good… Read More
Let 5 stations are connected to CSMA/CD network . Every station wants to transmit data with probability p = 0.6. It is given that there… Read More
Consider the following grammar S -> Aa | bAc | dc | bda A -> d The above grammar is: (A) Not LALR(1) but SLR(1)… Read More
A directed acyclic graph represents one form of intermediate representation. The number of non terminal nodes in DAG of a = (b+c)*(b+c) expression is: (A)… Read More
Consider the following SDT S -> 1A23 {print “GA”} A -> 4S {print “TE”} A -> 5 {print “C”} A -> B {print “SE”} B… Read More
Consider the following CFG S -> AaAb | Bb A -> ԑ B -> ԑ The above grammar is: (A) Ambiguous (B) Left recursive (C)… Read More
Using the EMPLOYEE table, the following query is issued to generate the name, salary and the salary increased after an appraisal by 25 %. The… Read More
A student relation with 4 attributes is defines as R(ABCD). Which of the following query will execute without error if all attributes are numeric. A)… Read More
The following graph shows the schedule of five transactions. The schedule is: (A) View Serializable (B) Conflict Serializable (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) Not… Read More
Consider all the processes are arriving at large time intervals. Let t be the time interval between two processes Pi and Pi+1 for any i… Read More
A counting semaphore was initialized to 0, then 20 V operations were successfully completed on this semaphore, followed with 18 P operations, the resulting value… Read More
On a system using round-robin scheduling let ‘s’ represent the time needed to perform a process switch, ‘q’ represents the round-robin time quantum, and ‘r’… Read More