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Methods in C# programming language

Uri.IsWellFormedOriginalString() Method is used to show whether the string used to construct this Uri was well-formed and is not required to be further escaped. Syntax:… Read More
CharEnumerator.Clone Method is used to create a copy of the current CharEnumerator object. This is useful for saving the current state while iterating through a… Read More
Uri.ToString( ) Method is used to get a canonical string representation for the specified Uri instance. Syntax: public override string ToString (); Return Value: This… Read More
CharEnumerator.MoveNext() Method is used to increments the internal index of the current CharEnumerator object to the next character of the enumerated string. Syntax: public bool… Read More
Uri.MakeRelativeUri(Uri) Method is used to determine the difference between two Uri instances. Syntax: public Uri MakeRelativeUri (Uri uri); Here, it takes the URI to compare… Read More
This method is used to releases all resources used by the current instance of the CharEnumerator class. The Dispose() method leaves the CharEnumerator in an… Read More
Uri.IsHexEncoding(String, Int32) Method is used to check whether a character in a string is hexadecimal encoded or not. This checks for hexadecimal encoding which follows… Read More
Uri.IsBaseOf(Uri) Method is used to determine whether the current Uri instance is a base of the specified Uri instance.  Syntax: public bool IsBaseOf (Uri uri); Here,… Read More
Boolean.GetTypeCode method is used to get the TypeCode for value type Boolean. Syntax: public TypeCode GetTypeCode (); Return Value: This method returns the enumerated constant… Read More
Boolean.GetHashCode() Method is used to return the hash code for this instance. Syntax: public override int GetHashCode (); Return Value: This method returns a 32-bit… Read More
GetHashCode() Method serves as the default hash function and returns a hash code for the current object. This method is inherited from the Object class.… Read More
Boolean.CompareTo(Object) Method is used to compare the current instance to a specified object and returns an integer which shows their relationship to one another. Syntax:… Read More
Uri.FromHex(Char) Method is used to get the decimal value of a hexadecimal digit. Syntax: public static int FromHex (char digit); Here, it takes the hexadecimal… Read More
Uri.IsHexDigit(Char) Method is used to determine whether a specified character is a valid hexadecimal digit or not. Hexadecimal digits are the digits 0 to 9… Read More
Boolean.CompareTo(Boolean) Method is used to compare the current instance to a specified Boolean object and returns an indication of their relative values. Syntax: public int… Read More

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