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AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) from the aforementioned list, S3, is the object storage service provided by AWS. It is probably the most commonly used,… Read More
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is used for storing data in the form of objects S3 is quite different from any other file storage device… Read More
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) or Amazon S3 is an object type, high-speed or with minimal latency, low-cost and scalable storage service provided by… Read More
The Amazon S3 notification feature enables you to receive notifications when a certain event occurs inside your bucket. To get notifications, first, add a notification… Read More
In this article, we will see how the Amazon S3 bucket publishes notifications to SNS topics on object creation events. An object that creates an… Read More
The Amazon API Gateway is used to create scalable APIs. It can perform additional functionalities like publishing the API, monitoring and maintaining the API.  These… Read More
AWS Storage Services: AWS offers a wide range of storage services that can be provisioned depending on your project requirements and use case. AWS storage… Read More

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