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Tag Archives: Aptitude-Data Sufficiency

Who is lightest among A, B, C, D? I. A is heavier than B, and B is heavier than D II. B is lighter than… Read More
What day is 14th of a month? I. 2nd last day of the month is Tuesday II. 3rd Saturday of the month is seventeenth (A)… Read More
Who is father of meena? I. X and Y are brothers II. Y’s wife is sister of Meena’s wife (A) A (B) B (C) C… Read More
What is Anita’s rank in the group? I. There are 40 girls in the group II. There are 39 girls scored less than Anita (A)… Read More
What is the probability that x3 – 8 = 0 when x is selected from a set of 8 integers? I. The smallest number in… Read More
What is the value of (x2/y2) + (y2/x2)? I. x/y + y/x = 8 II. x/y – y/x = 4 (A) A (B) B (C)… Read More
Is the integer i is divisible by 20? I. 4 is a factor of i II. i is a factor of 10 (A) A (B)… Read More
Is x – y is greater than u – v ? I) x > u and y < v II) y = 8, v =… Read More