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Synopsys Interview Experience | Set 2

Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2015
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Reached out via referral in November, team I was interviewed for develops in house software. The overall process took 2 weeks, 2 telephonic followed by F2F. In all the rounds minimum 3 puzzles were asked, listed down only algorithm and programming questions.

Round 1
1. Fibonacci sequence expecting DP solution and corner cases like negative input, etc.
2. Implement strcpy library function from C. Priority is on heap allocation, checking null terminated string, etc
3. Strcpy() vs Memcpy()

Round 2
1. Given a huge file of strings, print words from EOF to start

Round 3
1. Height and Balance factor for binary tree.

Round 4
1. Size of a binary tree
2. #define Vs typedef
3. int main() Vs void main() Vs main(), why return statement is necessary in main()
4. Merge two sorted array, recursive approach for the same using LinkedList (

Round 5
1. How negative numbers are represented in memory
2. What is integer overflow, how to avoid it

Round 6
1. Pascal triangle based question

Round 7
1. Given a student table with marks, find Nth rank student
2. What is the possible pattern for static variables
3. Initialized and uninitialized static variables, where are they stored in memory expecting explanation with BSS and Data segment
5. String is represented in a linked list, how to effectively check whether the string is a palindrome (

Round 8 (HR)
1. Usual HR questions, Why Synopsys, What will you do if you get offer from Google/Facebook, etc
2. 2 more puzzles again

Pseudo code on paper with proper handling of corner cases is expected. All F2F happened in a day each round typically lasted an hour. Puzzles are given equal importance as that of algorithm design.

Thanks GeeksforGeeks for providing a wonderful platform to share and learn, keep up the great work, cheers 🙂

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