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Subex Interview Experience

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Recently i was interviewed for the position of Software Engineer(Fresher) in Bangalore. Round 1: In the first round there was some aptitude questions and one coding paper in which we have to write 2 Programs. The Coding part was as follows: a) Write a program to reverse a linked list and make another list when node value is less than or equal to 2.
	i/p: 6->5->4->3->2->1  
	o/p: 3->4->5->6
b) Write All the operations of Doubly Linked List Using only Single Pointer. c) I don’t remember but it was from Matrix. After the first round very few have been called to get a face to face interview and i was one from them. Round 2: a) Introduce yourself. b) Explain Object Oriented Concepts in detail. c) What is the difference b/w Pass by Value and Pass by Reference. d) What is Inline Function why we use it. e) Explain Normalization. f) What is Friend Class. g) Some questions from Unix(which i don’t know). h) Write a program to reverse a Linked List in size of 3. After that interviewer asked me again about Unix which i don’t know very well. And told me that we’re hiring for Unix profile.then he asked me some more questions and asked me to wait for the result, unfortunately i didn’t clear the round.

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2015
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