Sub-string Divisibility by 11 Queries

Given a large number, n (having number digits up to 10^6) and various queries of the below form :

Query(l, r) :  find if the sub-string between the 
               indices l and r (Both inclusive) 
               are divisible by 11. 


Input: n = 122164154695
Queries: l = 0 r = 3, l = 1 r = 2, l = 5 r = 9,
         l = 0 r = 11

In the first query, 1221 is divisible by 11
In the second query, 22 is divisible by 11 and so on.

We know that any number is divisible by 11 if the difference between sum of odd indexed digits and the sum of even indexed digits is divisible by 11, i.e.,

Sum(digits at odd places) – Sum(digits at even places) should be divisible by 11

Hence the idea is to pre-process an auxiliary array that would store sum of digits at odd and even places.
To evaluate a query we can use the auxiliary array to answer it in O(1).





// C++ program to check divisibility by 11 in
// substrings of a number string
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
const int MAX = 1000005;
// To store sums of even and odd digits
struct OddEvenSums
    // Sum of even placed digits
    int e_sum;
    // Sum of odd placed digits
    int o_sum;
// Auxiliary array
OddEvenSums sum[MAX];
// Utility function to evaluate a character's
// integer value
int toInt(char x)
    return int(x) - 48;
// This function receives the string representation
// of the number and precomputes the sum array
void preCompute(string x)
    // Initialize everb
    sum[0].e_sum = sum[0].o_sum = 0;
    // Add the respective digits depending on whether
    // they're even indexed or odd indexed
    for (int i=0; i<x.length(); i++)
        if (i%2==0)
            sum[i+1].e_sum = sum[i].e_sum+toInt(x[i]);
            sum[i+1].o_sum = sum[i].o_sum;
            sum[i+1].o_sum = sum[i].o_sum+toInt(x[i]);
            sum[i+1].e_sum = sum[i].e_sum;
// This function receives l and r representing
// the indices and prints the required output
bool query(int l,int r)
    int diff = (sum[r+1].e_sum - sum[r+1].o_sum) -
               (sum[l].e_sum - sum[l].o_sum);
    return (diff%11==0);
//driver function to check the program
int main()
    string s = "122164154695";
    cout << query(0, 3) << endl;
    cout << query(1, 2) << endl;
    cout << query(5, 9) << endl;
    cout << query(0, 11) << endl;
    return 0;




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