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Stanley Interview | Set 7 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2019
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Recently Morgan Stanley visited our campus for jobs and interns. I had applied for the position of an intern and there were two rounds for us :

Round 1 : Online Written Test – 90 mins

Part 1: Aptitude and Language proficiency : 45 mins

It consisted of 10 questions on general aptitude . They were fairly easy but time consuming. After attempting these 10 questions, we were asked to choose any language of our choice – C, C++ or JAVA and based on the selection, there were 20 questions based on that language. For C, most of the questions were to predict the outputs. There was +1 for each correct answer and -0.25 for each wrong answer for all the 30 questions of both sections.

Part 2: Coding: 45 mins

There were 3 coding questions.
1. You have to generate an even number which is just larger than the given input number and using the same digits of the given number.
2. Consider 2 = +1-2+3, 4 = -1+2+3. Any integer can be represented in this manner. For an input integer, print the number of terms needed to generate that number. For eg. it is 3 for 2 as well as for 4 in above examples.
3. Given an 2D matrix and an angle (multiple of 90 degrees), print the matrix after rotating it by that angle.

There are sectional cut-offs for each section( aptitude, language proficiency and coding), so do attempt sufficient number of questions from each section.

Round 2 : Personal Interviews:

Personal interviews consist of two sections – technical interview and HR interview.

For the technical interview, a mixture of questions were asked based on arrays, linked lists, trees and hash maps.
Cant remember any specific one but were fairly easy.

For the HR interview, normal personal questions such as tell me about yourself, why Morgan Stanley , etc, were asked.

TIP: Score good in coding round and technical interview to grab the opportunity. BEST OF LUCK. 🙂

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