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In simple words, anyone having any type of relation/interest in the project is known as stakeholder. The term Software Project Stakeholder refers to, “a person, group or company that is directly or indirectly involved in the project and who may affect or get affected by the outcome of the project”.

What is Stakeholder Identification?
It is the process of identifying a person, group or a company which can affect or get affected by a decision, activity or the outcome of the software project. It is important in order to identify the exact requirements of the project and what various stakeholders are expecting from the project outcome.

Type of Stakeholders:

1. Internal Stakeholder:
An internal stakeholder is a person, group or a company that is directly involved in the project.
For example,

  1. Project Manager:
    Responsible for managing the whole project. Project Manager is generally never involved in producing the end product but he/she controls, monitors and manages the activities involved in the production.
  2. Project Team:
    Performs the actual work of the project under the Project Manager inluding development, testing, etc.
  3. Company:
    Organisation who has taken up the project and whose employees are directly involved in the development of the project.
  4. Funders:
    Provides funds and resources for the successful completion of the project.

2. External Stakeholder:
An external stakeholder is the one who is linked indirectly to the project but has significant contribution in the successful completion of the project.
For example,

  1. Customer:
    Specifies the requirements of the project and helps in the elicitation process of the requirement gathering phase. Customer is the one for whom the project is being developed.
  2. Supplier:
    Supplies essential services and equipment for the project.
  3. Government:
    Makes policies which helps in better working of the organisation.

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