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Framework is a Standard way to build and deploy applications. Software Process Framework is a foundation of complete software engineering process. Software process framework includes all set of umbrella activities. It also includes number of framework activities that are applicable to all software projects.

A generic process framework encompasses five activities which are given below one by one:

  1. Communication:
    In this activity, heavy communication with customers and other stakeholders, requirement gathering is done.
  2. Planning:
    In this activity, we discuss the technical related tasks, work schedule, risks, required resources etc.
  3. Modeling:
    Modelling is about building representations of things in the ‘real world’.In modelling activity, a product’s model is created in order to better understanding and requirements.
  4. Construction:
    In software engineering, construction is the application of set of procedures that are needed to assemble the product. In this activity, we generate the code and test the product in order to make better product.
  5. Deployment:
    In this activity, a complete or non-complete products or software are represented to the customers to evaluate and give feedback. on the basis of their feedback we modify the products for supply better product.

Umbrella activities include:

  • Risk management
  • Software quality assurance(SQA)
  • Software configuration management(SCM)
  • Measurement
  • Formal technical reviws(FTR)

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