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Siemens Interview Experience for Internship

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Siemens Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd. visited our campus in November 2020 for an internship.

Interested candidates are asked to apply with their latest resume, based on the resume candidates were shortlisted for the online test, which is the first round of the process.

Hiring process:

  • Online MCQ Test
  • Technical Interview

Online MCQ Test:  We were given 75 MCQs and we needed to complete them within 45 min. Mostly the test consisted of logical reasoning questions, a few technical and general aptitude questions. These were easy-level questions and one can pass this round if they are strong in aptitude. The MCQs were divided into several sections and each section was timed. We needed to be really quick to clear the round.

Technical Interview: A few days later they announced the list of shortlisted candidates and the interviews were completed in two days. 

  • The interviewer asked me to introduce myself.
  • He asked me to explain any one project mentioned in my resume.
  • He asked me my preferred language, which was JAVA.
  • The next few minutes he asked me questions from JAVA, its compiler, and OOPS.
  • He gave me an easy program to search for a key in an array. I used binary search to solve it in good time complexity.
  • He asked me to explain the algorithm to find the maximum and minimum numbers in an array.
  • Lastly, he asked me why I prefer Java.
  • He asked me if I had any questions for him.

This round lasted for about 20 minutes.

A few days later they announced the result and selected 26 students for 2 months internship and I was one of them.

Suggestions:  Prepare DSA very well, and be strong in problem-solving and logical questions. I used Geeks for DSA. Solving all the problems in geeks for geeks guarantee a good interview experience. Prepare the concepts in the resume and be confident about that. 

All The Best!

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2021
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