Siemens Healthineers Interview Experience | Cloud/Angular | ~2 years experienced

I updated my profile in and within a month I got a call from a career consulting firm informing about an opening in Siemens Healthineers in Bangalore. It was a Azure cloud/C#/Angular position

Round 1(online): This was conducted online and consisted of around 35 MCQs testing your knowledge on C# and cloud computing. The browser tab should not be closed and your webcam should be enabled to make sure you don’t cheat. On clearing this round one is called onsite for face to face interview.

Round 2(F2F – general programming):

This round was conducted onsite and the questions included

  • How to swap two numbers without using intermediate variable
  • What are webworkers in JS?
  • Difference between div and span

Basic JS/Angular related questions were asked to test your grasp on programming.

Round 3(F2F C# and DB):

In this round C# related questions like difference between virtual/override and shadowing were asked. If you have preciopr experience with RDBMS, DB related questions are also asked

Round 4(Managerial):

This was mostly a non-technical round with the manager explaining about the company, getting to know our expectation and they also check your academic history, father/mother background, where you are from etc. They ask your current and expected salary too.

The final round was a HR round which could basically be a discussion of the perks and salary

Thanks to geeksforgeeks for providing an amazing platform and wish everyone all the best for a wonderful career.

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