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ServiceNow Interview Experience For Internship

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021
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Round 1: The first round comprised of some basic coding questions which were quite a medium difficulty level. All the interviews were (On-Campus) through meet of course due to Covid-19.

Round 2 (Technical Interview Round-1):

  1. At first, he asked me about the difference between compiler and interpreter and told me to explain the basic working of the compiler.
  2. Then he asked me about the Sorting techniques and told me to write code, and he asked about space/time complexity. While writing code I told them some more information like whether sorting is internal/external and stable/unstable etc, so he was quite impressed.
  3. He asked me about the oops concept it will be nice to explain these with examples and what is the advantage of these concepts simultaneously.
  4. Then he asked me for one coding problem I quite didn’t remember it. After writing a code he told me to improve time and space complexity.

Round 3 (Technical Interview Round-2):

  1. He asked me about the projects.
  2. He asked me some questions about the operating system like what is deadlock what are the solution to it then he asked me to write the program about CPU scheduling I was unable to complete it due to time but my approach/theory was right.
  3. Then he asked me to share my experience about skills and achievements that I wrote on my resume.

Round 4 (H&M Interview):

I thought this one was an informal one, but he asked me 3 different puzzles this interview was quite an easy one as he told me to only explain the logic and final answer without writing any code or anything else. Actually, I quite didn’t remember the puzzles but one of them was about probability. After puzzles, he asked me about myself like what do you do in college in my spare time like what are your hobbies, etc. It would be always nice to ask some of your doubts to them like about the company or their daily schedule etc.

Overall it was nice; all the interviewers are so calm and nice. They always help me to overcome the problem. The results came on the next day as the H&M round was taken at almost 11:30 PM, around 5-7 people got selected for the summer internship & I was one of them☺️.

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