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Sentence that contains all the given phrases

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2022

Given a list of sentences and a list of phrases. The task is to find which sentence(s) contain all the words in a phrase and for every phrase print the sentences number that contains the given phrase. Constraint: A word cannot be a part of more than 10 sentences. Examples:


Sentences: 1. Strings are an array of characters. 2. Sentences are an array of words. 

Phrases: 1. an array of 2. sentences are strings 

Output: Phrase1 is present in sentences: 1,2 Phrase2 is present in sentences: None Since each word in phrase 1 exists in both the sentences, but all the words in second phrase do not exist in either.


Sentences: 1. Sets in python are a hash table representation of arrays. 2. Searching in Sets are a function of time complexity O(1). 3. Sets only contain unique elements, and have no order. 

Phrases: 1. Sets are a 2. Searching in 

Output: Phrase1 is present in sentences: 1, 2 Phrase2 is present in sentences: 2

Approach: For each Phrase, we have to find the sentences which contain all the words of the phrase. So, for each word in the given phrase, we check if a sentence contains it. We do this for each sentence. This process of searching may become faster if the words in the sentence are stored in a set instead of a list. Below is the implementation of above approach: 


# Python program to find the sentence
# that contains all the given phrases
def getRes(sent, ph):
    sentHash = dict()
    # Loop for adding hashed sentences to sentHash
    for s in range(1, len(sent)+1):
        sentHash[s] = set(sent[s-1].split())
    # For Each Phrase
    for p in range(0, len(ph)):
        print("Phrase"+str(p + 1)+":")
        # Get the list of Words
        wordList = ph[p].split()
        res = []
        # Then Check in every Sentence
        for s in range(1, len(sentHash)+1):
            wCount = len(wordList)
            # Every word in the Phrase
            for w in wordList:
                if w in sentHash[s]:
                    wCount -= 1
            # If every word in phrase matches
            if wCount == 0:
            # add Sentence Index to result Array
        if(len(res) == 0):
            print('% s' % ' '.join(map(str, res)))
# Driver Function
def main():
    sent = ["Strings are an array of characters",
    "Sentences are an array of words"]
    ph = ["an array of", "sentences are strings"]
    getRes(sent, ph)
1 2

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