Samsung Interview Experience through Co-cubes (2019)

The selection process consisted of 3 rounds, first  round(The coding round) was similar to the rounds mentioned in other sets of Samsung Interview Experience while the other rounds were different. Each round was an elimination round.

Round 1:The Coding Round

It was a 3 hours coding round which had one question to solve and the maximum number of submissions allowed was 50, but we could compile it as much as we want.

Round 2:The Technical Interviews

There were two technical interviews.

First Interview(1 hour 20 minutes) had the following questions:

1-My area of interests .

2-Projects I have done.

3-Code for a problem that could be solved using BFS / DFS.

4-Code for a problem that could be solved using Kruskal’s Algorithm.

5-Code to determine the shortest path from one point to another in a 2-D matrix.

6-Code to print L-part of a 2-D matrix using a single loop.

7-Discussion over Memory Leak.

8-Difference between BFS / DFS.

9-How will you decide which graph algorithm to use where.

10-If I had any questions for the interviewer.

Second Interview(40 minutes) had the following questions:

1-Programming language I’m comfortable with and why .

2-Discussion over my projects.

3-Output of C program based on pointers and memory management.

4-Solution for a string problem that could be solved using Trie Data Structure.

5-If I had any questions for the interviewer.


Round 3:HR Round

Third Interview(15 minutes) had the following questions:

1-Tell me about yourself.

2-Do you have any existing job offers.

3-Why do you want to join Samsung.

4-What have you achieved so far.

5-Have you ever failed in life.

Out of 30 candidates 8 got selected and I was one of them. Thank-you GeeksforGeeks for providing past interview experiences.

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