Role of Computers in Crime

Computer serve as a major role in crime which is usually refered as “Cyber crime“. This cyber crime is performed by a knowledgeable computer user who is usually referred as “hacker”, who illegally browses or steals a company’s information or an individual private information and uses this information for malevolent uses. In some cases this person or group of individuals may become evil and they destroy and corrupt data files. This cyber or computer based crime is also known as hi-tech crime or electronic crime. As computer is the main source of communication across the world, thus this can be used as a source of stealing the information and this information can be used for their own benefits.

The role of computer in the crime may vary depending upon the activity that a person do, for instance a person may steal the details and misuse them on one hand and on other hand a terrorist may use the information to do violent activities and some persons may steal financial information for trading purposes and so on, but these all activities can be done by the means of computer only.

There are several examples of crime that use computer they are as follows:

  • Espionage:
    This is a process of spying a person or business.
  • Malware creation:
    The process of creating malware like virus etc.
  • Cyber squatting:
    It is a process of gaining person information and tying to resell them.
  • Harvesting:
    Here, hackers usually steals person private information of an account and uses it for illegal activities.
  • Wiretapping:
    Here, the hacker connects a device to a phone line and try to listen the conversations.

Thus a computer plays a role in criminal activity.

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