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5 Reasons Why Python is Good for Beginners

Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2024
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New beginnings are always exciting, be it starting college, joining a new sports team, selecting your first bike, or learning a new skill. But new beginnings can make us anxious, especially when these are related to our careers. Add to it the inexperience. A similar case can be made when someone decides and wants to learn to code. Which language do I choose, which one is beginner-friendly, how long will it take to learn the language, etc. are some of the questions that pop up.


When venturing into a new sphere the first thing to do is surf the internet and draw a map. In this article, we give you 5 reasons for selecting Python as your stepping stone into the new world of coding.  

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What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language like Java, C, C++, PHP, Perl, etc. Unlike a lot of languages, Python programming is always in demand, credit can be given to it being one of the best languages for programming. According to the Stackflow study, Python is the fastest-growing programming language.

There are plenty of programming languages that are beginner-friendly, yet it is clarity and simplicity that make it the preferred option even by expert programmers. Now you would be thinking why learn python? So let’s understand why python can be the best option amongst others.

Why Python?

As stated earlier, the foremost reason for Python being so popular is its simplicity. Python doesn’t require syntax technicalities, it uses natural language as its base. Programming in Python is as simple as typing an English sentence on your system. Python is also easy to download and install.

It is open-source, i.e. free to use and learn for everyone. Due to its ease of language, developers can actually spend most of their time learning useful programming skills instead of focusing on running the code. There are multiple reasons why Python is the most well-suited programming language for beginners:  

Reasons to Learn Python as a Beginner

There are numerous options for a beginner to choose a programming language in the world of computer science, so, why python? Let’s discover 5 major reasons to learn Python as a beginner:

1. Easy to Learn

The syntax of various other languages might seem very confusing to you when you just start coding. But, the minimal setup and readability of Python allow you to think like a programmer and save your time in writing a big syntax format. The syntax of this amazing language is easy and this makes it easier to type and compile. For instance, if you want to build a code that says “Hello World“, it would require you to type around 4 lines in Java, wherein in Python, all you need to write in – print(“Hello World”)

This superiority of Python software lets the beginners “fast pace” their leanings, which actually builds confidence in them. Python is a powerful language. The diversity is so huge that companies like Google, Netflix, and Spotify use Python. This leverage of options is not available with other programming languages.

2. Readily Available Resources to Learn From

Python is an open-source language, which is free and can be used by anyone. The internet is filled with Python programming courses and tutorials, which provide a broad scope of opportunities for beginners to actually hit and try to narrow down the niche in which they are better than others.  

You can actually learn coding skills in just a matter of time. These available resources ensure that you never stop learning new codes and experimenting with your previous ones. This perk of Python catalyzes the learning journey for beginners and helps them crave learning new programs and skills.  

3. The Extensibility Behaviour of Python

Extensibility in software and languages refers to the ability of the software to extend to include new additions with minimal to no change in the existing code. Simply put, it is the measure of how easily a new behavior can be added to its existing structure and code. Several programming languages like Tcl and Python, are highly extensible.  

Python can be extended to other languages, this doesn’t involve extending the language itself. Python allows writing Python modules in other languages like, C++, it lets you interface libraries written in different languages. It is also embeddable, which means that you can write Python code in source code in different languages like C, C++, or JAVA.  

4. Python is Best Known For Its Versatility

Python’s versatility helps developers narrow down their niche and select one or two in which they are most confident. Python is a language that can be used in a range of different environments like web development, data science, game development, etc. It has many applications. The vast versatility of this language allows developers to choose from a wide range of career options. 

You may not have a clear idea of what you want to build in the future when you are new to a programming language. The diversity of Python will surely help beginners to explore more and find their passion quickly. 

5. Python Community Allows You to Learn From the Experts

Once your learning phase is over, and you start coding on your own, you might come across an obstacle or two. This is where the Python community will support you to learn from your own mistakes and learn from their experts indirectly.  

There are plenty of articles and video tutorials available for beginners to avoid mistakes and learn from them. This service by the Python community is best to enhance your knowledge of the programming language. For example, there are communities like Python forums that help Python users through live sessions, webinars, articles, video tutorials, and whatnot! If the coder is facing any issue, they can get instant support from the community, and it is as simple as that.  

Since Python has been around 1991, it is having a fairly mature community. In fact, a lot of great developers devote their time to the Python community to create Python libraries. Python has an evolving ecosystem with tons of open-source packages and libraries. These libraries aim to help you get started so that you don’t have to write from scratch. For example, if game development is your thing, PyGame is the right library for you to get kick-started with your code

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Python undoubtedly has plenty of benefits for beginners. And you surely can opt for Python as your first programming language to build a successful career in the tech world. Now, what are you waiting for? Start immediately and keep going!

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