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8 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Kotlin From Java

Last Updated : 07 Jan, 2020
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Kotlin is a new programming language which is similar to Java. It was identified by Jetbrains and was developed using some great ideas of other members. Kotlin can be defined as a coding based programming language that actually replaces Java. A useful and simple to learn programming language that works to code the existing system.


Kotlin uses an environment of JVM by using Javascript and machine code. Based on Java programming language, Kotlin can run on any of the Java-based environments but majorly the environment should be JVM. This article would help you to learn why you should switch to this trending and modern programming language.

1. Java-Based

Kotlin programming language is now getting recognized on many projects. The major usefulness of using this programming language is that it is based on the Java environment and platform. This means that the already existing Java-based projects can seamlessly run on this language. It is purely a Java inter-operable programming language that one can learn and use easily on the existing Java-based programming language.

2. Familiar Program

The syntax and the basic structure of this programming language called Kotlin are extremely easy and familiar, the reason being Kotlin is a Java-based programming language and the syntax makes use of OOPs domain. These are the most familiar syntax and language in coding, thus making Kotlin famous to create coding and very useful to modify and identify the errors. It is one of the major reasons to switch to the Kotlin programming language.

3. String Insertion

The choice of using a string in a programming language, is based on the programming language that is used for that purpose. The string used in Kotlin is the same as Java and a very simple and familiar way of making changes in coding. That is why it is used in many projects where the Java programming languages are used. The type interface is used in Kotlin to identify the Java types.

4. Auto Casts

The Kotlin compiler is used to track the automatic casts. It does not require any checks or tests to track the same thing. This will help to improve the efficiency and the ability to check thus helping to reduce the level of timing to checks and tests happening in other projects. This is also one reason to make a switch to Kotlin.

5. Arguments and Equals

Since Kotlin is the same as other programming languages, there is no need to improve the special knowledge for the symbols in it. It is very easy to learn and doesn’t require to specify special arguments for that. Kotlin language is helpful for the type of insertion in coding in a programming language.

6. Expression and Property

Kotlin helps the properties to get input and output in a very simple and easy manner. In this language, they use a set and get to many of the properties. So it is very helpful to insert any input and modify any changes easily like simple programming language. Thus, making Kotlin a very effective programming language.

7. Classes Using Data

We know that the Java programming language uses many steps to involve a data in a class. But in Kotlin, it uses simple lines called toString(), equals(), hashCode(), and copy() to execute data. So it is very simple and useful to complete the project and also a major step to use data classes in any projects.

8. Declaration, Ranges and Functions

The declaration happens in every programming language, similarly in Kotlin language as well. But the destruction of the declaration also has a chance in Kotlin. When used for statements the ranges can also be mentioned to identify this. But in Kotlin, we can add a new function for the old class to making it very helpful to get different and very useful creation of coding.

Other than the above-mentioned ones, there are many other features and reasons which make the switch to Kotlin a beneficial one. It also gives non-null types and null type statements, it gives a lambda system, and it also gives a IDE support to the coding. The lambda system using parentheses is cleverly handed by this programming language. The other method in Kotlin is IntelliJ which makes it very simple and easy to execute the language. This method helps to get a better version of Kotlin when mingled with the language. Kotlin is helpful to get a programming language using the old method and get a result for new methods.

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