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ReactJS | Calculator App ( Introduction )

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We have seen so far what React is and what it is capable of. To summarise in brief we got to know what React web apps are, React Components, Props, States, and the lifecycle of a React component. We also created a basic clock application using all of the following. But React is a javascript library to build flexible User Interfaces, and we have not created any so far. So it is time for us to step into the real world of React by creating a simple yet impactful project. 

Our aim for this article will be to introduce our readers to a newer idea of learning on the go while developing with us, and we have chosen to create a React Calculator as our first-ever project. Nothing could have been a better way to count the miles to travel with a great start like this. 

Why a calculator,?

We chose to develop the calculator for some specific set of reasons, and most of them are mentioned and described in brief. 

  • Simplicity: A calculator is a simple gadget, and you have seen, used, and misused several of these. You have seen many varieties of calculators and now we give you the chance to create a basic virtual calculator that will be able to do all the basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Being this simple it will easier for both of us to explain and understand the process.
  • Scope: What we are targeting may be very simple, but it has a lot of future scope. Further in this article, I will present to you a glimpse of the completed application and you will be able to understand that in spite of being complete it will offer you to improvise and create an enhanced version could be targeted towards a specific field such as developing a scientific calculator; that’s up to you.
  • Abundance of Interesting Points: A calculator may be a very simple thing but if you think to create one for yourself you will need to identify and create all the different components, identify and establish a mutual interactive platform and last but not the least you will have to handle all the failures, crashes, and bugs.
  • Cosmetic Challenge: If you have a knack for detail then developing and styling a calculator will be a good starting point for you as the calculator itself should not take up a lot of space yet it has several buttons to accommodate and while designing you will also have to take care of the readability and overall User Experience as at the end of the day this is your first UI Project

Glimpse of the Finished Project


Looks good? Let’s start our journey then. Happy Coding. 

ReactJS | Calculator App ( Structure )

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2023
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