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ReactJS Calculator App (Adding Functionality)

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Now, we had built the structure of our UI, but we haven’t added styles to it either we have added any functionality. So, in this article, we will try to make our Calculator app fully functional. Once our app becomes functional, we will add CSS to style the App. 

So, let’s begin. The very first functionality we will add it for the click event of the buttons. To handle the click events, we will create a new function named handleClick and will add this function to our Calculator component class. But, the next thing to observe is that the buttons from “0-9” and operators like “+,-,*,/” will have different roles and other buttons like “=”, “Clear” and “Delete” have different roles. So, what we can do is inside the handleClick function we will use a statement to perform different operations on clicking different buttons. 

We need to create two states for our Calculator application and update these two states according to the user inputs. 

  • Initially, the question named state will be initialized with an empty string then it will be used to store the user input.
  • The answer names state will be initialized with an empty string then it will be used to store the result of the evaluation of user input stored in the state question.


Add the below code at the top of the class Calculator in the file calculator.js. This code will create the required states for us: 


constructor() {
    // set our default state
    this.state = {
      question: '',
      answer: ''
    // Bind our handleClick method (sets 'this' explicitly
    // to refer to this component) We did this because 'this'
    // would refer to the source of the click events
    this.handleClick = this.handleClick.bind(this);

  •  Let’s just complete our handleClick function to update these states according to different button clicks. Add the below function to the class Calculator in the calculator.js file: 


// our method to handle all click events from our buttons
function handleClick(event) {
    // get the value from the target element (button)
    const value =;
    switch (value) {
        case "=": {
            // if it's an equal sign, use the eval module
            // to evaluate the question ,convert the answer
            // (in number) to String
            if (this.state.question !== "") {
                var ans = "";
                try {
                    ans = eval(this.state.question);
                } catch (err) {
                    this.setState({ answer: "Math Error" });
                if (ans === undefined) this.setState({ answer: "Math Error" });
                // update answer in our state.
                else this.setState({ answer: ans, question: "" });
        case "Clear": {
            // if it's the Clears sign, just clean our
            // question and answer in the state
            this.setState({ question: "", answer: "" });
        case "Delete": {
            var str = this.state.question;
            str = str.substr(0, str.length - 1);
            this.setState({ question: str });
        default: {
            // for every other command, update the answer in the state
            this.setState({ question: (this.state.question += value) });

  • We will add the below line everywhere in our Calculator component from where we are calling our Button Component to pass the handleClick function as props to the Button component:
handleClick = {this.handleClick}
  • After adding this, we will go to the button.js file, and add the below attribute to the input field:
onClick = {props.handleClick}
  • Let’s update our OutputScreen and OutputScreenRow components to accept props and pass the question and answer states from the Calculator component to the OutputScreen component as props.
    Below is our final outputscreen.js file:


// Import React (Mandatory Step).
import React from "react";
// Import Output Screen Row.
import OutputScreenRow from "./outputScreenRow.js";
// Functional Component.
// Use to hold two Screen Rows.
const OutputScreen = (props) => {
    return (
        <div className="screen">
            <OutputScreenRow value={props.question} />
            <OutputScreenRow value={props.answer} />
// Export Output Screen.
export default OutputScreen;

Below is our final outputscreenrow.js file: 


// Import React (Mandatory Step).
import React from "react";
// Functional Component.
// Used to show Question/Answer.
const OutputScreenRow = (props) => {
    return (
        <div className="screen-row">
            <input type="text" readOnly value={props.value} />
// Export Output Screen Row.
export default OutputScreenRow;

Output: You can see in the below image that our Calculator App is working fine and has the same functionality as what we saw in our first article.

ReactJS Calculator App ( Styling )

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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2023
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