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Qualcomm Interview Experience (July 2020 – Virtual)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020
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Written Round: The time duration for this round was 1.5 hours, Platform was HirePro. After clearing this round there are 3 sections.

Round 1: This round is totally based on aptitude. The main challenge in this round is the time constraint and negative marking. Try to be as quick as possible.  

Technical Round 1 (Duration ~ 1 hour, Platform – Microsoft Teams):

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. A brief discussion on one of the projects.
  3. Difference b/w structure and union. Application of union.
  4. Phases of the compiler. How to compile multiple files in one go?
  5. Bit manipulation – Set/Unset the Kth bit of a number.
  6. Pseudocode for “Reversing a linked list”. [Space Complexity – O(1)]
  7. Puzzle (100 Doors)

Technical Round 2 (Duration ~ 1 hour, Platform – Microsoft Teams):

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Phases of the compiler. What is MakeFile? Explain and show how to make one?
  3. Memory layout of a C program. Explain.
  4. Explain Dynamic Memory Allocation in C and C++? Different methods/operators for allocation?
  5. Bit Manipulation:
    • Set the Kth bit of a number
    • Check whether a number is Prime or not
    • Count number of set bits in a number
  6. Difference between Macro and Inline function.
  7. What is a constructor?
  8. What is Volatile Keyword?
  9. What is a callback function?
  10. Given 2 Strings s1 and s2. Check whether s2 is a substring of s1?
  11. How to remove duplicate elements in an unsorted singly linked list?
  12. Explain Polymorphism in C++.
  13. How to declare “a pointer to an array of 10 elements” and “a pointer of 10 elements”?

Important topics: C, C++, OS, DS, CN

The interviewers always try to ask from your strong areas. Try to highlight them. It’s okay not to answer each and every question. Try to answer the best you know. Be natural and confident in answering questions that you know.  

Verdict: Selected

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