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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021 (Virtual)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2021

Round 1 (Online Test): Done on hirepro platform.

This round consists of 60 MCQ’s in 90 minutes. 20 Aptitude, 20 Computer science subjects and 20 Programming errors and output questions. Each section of 30 minutes.

Round 2 (Technical Interview  – 1 hrs.):  

  1. About projects.
  2. Delete duplicate nodes in linked list.
  3. Reverse linked list.
  4. Print linkedlist in reverse order without reversing list (use recursive approach).
  5. Convert string to integer.
  6. File handling questions in C.
  7. Enumeration and max range of enum in C.
  8. How to store sum of two large integers.
  9. Some questions related to python, regular expressions, etc.
  10. Questions from Demand paging, Virtual address, bankers algorithm, volatile memory.
  11. Why should we hire you, weakness.

Round 3 (Technical Interview – 1 hrs.):

  1. Discussion on projects.
  2. Write a program to find if stack is growing upward or downward.
  3. Output questions related to pointer.
  4. Program to obtain kth byte from a hexadecimal number.
  5. Use of pragma in c.
  6. Structure padding in c.
  7. How to free dynamically allocated memory without using free().

HR Round( 5 min):  

  1. Introduction.
  2. About current company and position, any other offers. (Interviewed for fresher role).
  3. When you can join the company.
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