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Python | shutil.get_archive_formats() method
  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2019

Shutil module in Python provides many functions of high-level operations on files and collections of files. It comes under Python’s standard utility modules. This module helps in automating process of copying and removal of files and directories.

shutil.get_archive_formats() method in Python is used to get the list of supported formats for archiving.
Following formats are available by default for archiving:

  • zip: ZIP file
  • tar: uncompressed tar file.
  • gztar: gzip’ed tar-file
  • bztar: bzip2’ed tar-file
  • xztar: xz’ed tar-file

Syntax: shutil.get_archive_formats()

Parameter: No parameter is required

Return Type: This method returns a list which represents the formats supported for archiving. Each element of the list is a tuple (name, description).

Code: Use of shutil.get_archive_formats() method





# Python program to explain shutil.get_archive_formats() method 
# importing shutil module 
import shutil
# Get the list of
# supported archiving formats
formats = shutil.get_archive_formats()
# Print the list of
# supported archiving formats 
print("Supported archiving formats:\n", formats)



Supported archiving formats:
[('bztar', "bzip2'ed tar-file"), ('gztar', "gzip'ed tar-file"),
('tar', 'uncompressed tar file'), ('xztar', "xz'ed tar-file"), ('zip', 'ZIP file')]


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