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Prerequisite: Regex in Python

Use of and re.match() – and re.match() both are functions of re module in python. These function are very efficient and fast for searching in strings. The function searches for some substring in a string and return a match object if found, else it returns none. vs re.match() –
There is a difference between the use of both functions. Both return first match of a substring found in the string, but re.match() searches only in the first line of the string and return match object if found, else return none. But if a match of substring is found in some other line other than the first line of string (in case of a multi-line string), it returns none.
While searches for the whole string even if the string contains multi-lines and tries to find a match of the substring in all the lines of string.

Example :





# import re module
import re
Substring ='string'
String ='''We are learning regex with geeksforgeeks 
         regex is very useful for string matching.
          It is fast too.'''
# Use of Method
print(, String, re.IGNORECASE))
# Use of re.match() Method
print(re.match(Substring, String, re.IGNORECASE))


Output :

<_sre.SRE_Match object; span=(69, 75), match='string'>

Conclusion :

  1. is returning match object and implies that first match found at index 69.
  2. re.match() is returning none because match exist in second line of the string and re.match() searches only in first line of string.
  3. re.IGNORECASE is used to ignore the case sensitivity in the strings.
  4. Both and re.match() returns only first occurrence of substring in string and ignore others.
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