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Python program to Remove Duplicity from a Dictionary
  • Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2021

Given a dictionary with value as lists, the task is to write a Python program that can remove contents of the dictionary irrespective of the fact that they are keys or values that occur more than once.

Input : {‘gfg’ : [‘gfg’, ‘is’, ‘best’], ‘best’ : [‘gfg’], ‘apple’ : [‘good’]}

Output : {‘gfg’: [‘gfg’, ‘is’, ‘best’], ‘apple’: [‘good’]}

Explanation : best key is omitted as it is already as value of 1st key. 

Input : {‘gfg’ : [‘gfg’, ‘is’, ‘best’, ‘apple’], ‘best’ : [‘gfg’], ‘apple’ : [‘good’]}

Output : {‘gfg’: [‘gfg’, ‘is’, ‘best’, ‘apple’]}

Explanation : best and apple keys are omitted as it is already as value of 1st key. 

Approach : Using loop and items()

In this, we iterate for each key and its value is extracted using items(), and memorize them, keys and values are omitted to be added/created in case they have already occurred.



# initializing dictionary
test_dict = {'gfg': ['gfg', 'is', 'best'],
             'best': ['gfg'],
             'apple': ['good']}
# printing original dictionary
print("The original dictionary is : " + str(test_dict))
res = dict()
for key, val in test_dict.items():
    flag = True
    for key1, val1 in res.items():
        # filtering value from memoised values
        if key in val1:
            flag = False
    if flag:
        res[key] = val
# printing result
print("The filtered dictionary : " + str(res))


The original dictionary is : {‘gfg’: [‘gfg’, ‘is’, ‘best’], ‘best’: [‘gfg’], ‘apple’: [‘good’]}

The filtered dictionary : {‘gfg’: [‘gfg’, ‘is’, ‘best’], ‘apple’: [‘good’]}

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