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Python program to create Bankaccount class with deposit, withdraw function
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2020

Prerequisite: Object Oriented Programming in Python

Let’s write a simple Python program using OOP concept to perform some simple bank operations like deposit and withdrawal of money.

First of all, define class Bankacccount. This step is followed by defining a function using __init__. It is run as soon as an object of a class is instantiated. This __init__ method is useful to do any initialization you want to do with object, then we have the default argument self.

# BankAccount class
class Bankaccount:
    def __init__(self):

This step is followed by declaring that balance is 0 using self argument then we simply print a statement welcoming to Machine. In function deposit and withdraw , amount is taken as input(in float) and is then added/subtracted to the balance. Thus resultant balance is printed in next line.

# Function to deposite amount
def deposit(self):
        amount = float(input("Enter amount to be deposited: "))
        self.balance += amount
        print("\n Amount Deposited:", amount)

Use an if condition to check whether there is a sufficient
amount of money available in the account to process a fund withdrawal.

# Function to withdraw the amount
def withdraw(self):
        amount = float(input("Enter amount to be withdrawn: "))
        if self.balance >= amount:
            self.balance -= amount
            print("\n You Withdrew:", amount)
            print("\n Insufficient balance  ")

Next, we use a display function to display the remianing balnce in the account. Then we create a object and call it to get the program executed.

# Function to display the amount
def display(self):
        print("\n Net Available Balance =", self.balance)

Below is the implementation:

# Python program to create Bankaccount class
# with both a deposit() and a withdraw() function
class Bank_Account:
    def __init__(self):
        print("Hello!!! Welcome to the Deposit & Withdrawal Machine")
    def deposit(self):
        amount=float(input("Enter amount to be Deposited: "))
        self.balance += amount
        print("\n Amount Deposited:",amount)
    def withdraw(self):
        amount = float(input("Enter amount to be Withdrawn: "))
        if self.balance>=amount:
            print("\n You Withdrew:", amount)
            print("\n Insufficient balance  ")
    def display(self):
        print("\n Net Available Balance=",self.balance)
# Driver code
# creating an object of class
s = Bank_Account()
# Calling functions with that class object


Hello !!! Welcome to Deposit&Withdrawal Machine
Enter amount to be deposited: 
 Amount Deposited: 1000.0
Enter amount to be withdrawn: 
 You Withdrew: 500.0

 Net Available Balance = 500.0

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