Python program to extract Email-id from URL text file

Prerequisite : Pattern Matching with Python Regex
Given the URL text-file, the task is to extract all the email-ids from that text file and print the urllib.request library can be used to handle all the URL related work.

Example :

Input : 
This is Geeksforgeeks
GfG is a portal for geeks

Output :

URL text file can be handled using urllib.request. For extracting the emails using regular expressions, re library can be used. For more details of Regular Expression, refer this.





# library that handles the URL stuff
import urllib.request
# Importing module required for
# regular expressions
import re
# Assign urlopen to a file object variable
fhand = urllib.request.urlopen
for line in fhand:
    # Getting the text file
    # content line by line.
    s = line.decode().strip()
    # regex for extracting all email-ids
    # from the text file
    reg = re.findall(r"[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+"
                     r"\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}", s)
    # printing the list output


Output :

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