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OS module in Python provides functions for interacting with the operating system. OS comes under Python’s standard utility modules. This module provides a portable way of using operating system dependent functionality. method in Python is used to open a specified file path and set various flags according to the specified flags and its mode according to specified mode. This method returns a file descriptor for newly open file. The returned file descriptor is non-inheritable.
Syntax:, flags, mode = 0o777, *, dir_fd = None) Parameters: Path: A path-like object representing the file system path. This is the file path to be opened. A path-like object is a string or bytes object which represents a path. flags: This parameter specify the flags to be set for newly opened file. mode (optional): A numeric value representing the mode of the newly opened file. The default value of this parameter is 0o777 (octal). dir_fd (optional): A file descriptor referring to a directory. Return Type: This method returns a file descriptor for newly opened file.
Code: Use of method to open a file path
# Python program to explain method 
# importing os module 
import os
# File path to be opened
path = './file9.txt'
# Mode to be set 
mode = 0o666
# flags
flags = os.O_RDWR | os.O_CREAT
# Open the specified file path
# using method
# and get the file descriptor for 
# opened file path
fd =, flags, mode)
print("File path opened successfully.")
# Write a string to the file
# using file descriptor
str = "GeeksforGeeks: A computer science portal for geeks."
os.write(fd, str.encode())
print("String written to the file descriptor."
# Now read the file 
# from beginning
os.lseek(fd, 0, 0)
str =, os.path.getsize(fd))
print("\nString read from the file descriptor:")
# Close the file descriptor
print("\nFile descriptor closed successfully.")

File path opened successfully.
String written to the file descriptor.

String read from file descriptor:
GeeksforGeeks: A computer science portal for geeks.

File descriptor closed successfully.

Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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