Python | Find who tweeted the most

Given a list of tweets, the task is to find the user who has tweeted the most.

If multiple users are having the same number of tweets, then print all the users in alphabetical order of user names.

Input format:

Read the input from the console.
The first line of input should be the number of test cases
Remaining lines of input should contain each test case input. 

For each test case input:

First-line should contain the number of tweets.
Followed by N lines, each containing the user name
and tweet id separated by a space.

Output format:

Find the user with max number of tweets. 
Print user name and the total number of tweets.


Input : 
sachin tweet_id_1
sehwag tweet_id_2
sachin tweet_id_3
sachin tweet_id_4

Output :
sachin 3

Input :
sachin tweet_id_1
sehwag tweet_id_2
sachin tweet_id_3
sehwag tweet_id_4
kohli tweet_id_5
kohli tweet_id_6

Output : 
kohli 2
sachin 2
sehwag 2

Code: Python Implementation for finding who tweeted the most





# Write Python3 code here
# collection module used counting in dic for value and keys 
from collections import Counter
tweet_names = ["sachin tweet_id_1"
               "sehwag tweet_id_2",
               "sachin tweet_id_3",
               "sachin tweet_id_4"
uniq_names = [pref_names.split()[0] for
              pref_names in tweet_names]
times = Counter(uniq_names)
repeat = times.values()
for element in set(repeat):
    dupl = ([(key, value) for
             key, value in sorted(times.items()) if
             value == element])
    if len(dupl) > 1:
        for (key, value) in dupl:
            print (key,'',value)
    max_value = max(times.values())
    temp_max_result = [(key, value) for 
                       key, value in sorted(times.items()) if
                       value == max_value]
    if temp_max_result != dupl:
        for (key,value) in temp_max_result:
            print (key,'',value)


Output :

sachin  3

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