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Providence Global Centre Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)

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  • Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2022

This article is about to share my personal on-campus interview experience with the company Providence Global centre. 

Before getting directly into the experience part, I would like to tell you some glimpse about the company. Providence came to our campus for hiring a student for multiple backgrounds such as Mobile Application Developers, DevOps, Data Analytics.

All the students were given a common 1st round online (Proctored Assessment).

Round 1:  Comprised of 3 Coding Questions and 1 easy SQL query based questions.  (45 MINS)

  1. 1st Question was related to dynamic programming and was of difficulty level B DIV2 codeforces.
  2. 2nd question was normal implementation based question and was of easy level question.
  3. 3rd Question was a medium level question and was related to sorting the Greedy algorithm. If you have practices few leet code greedy section problems, then you can clear this coding round very easily.

SQL query quesition was related to joining 3 tables and was asked to print the rows along with distinct counts based on some easy conditions.

(Around 30 student were shortlisted for Round-2)

Round 2: Online face to face round with the senior technical manager. The round begins with normal introduction stuff. Then the manager directly jumped into coding questions.

  1. 1st question was to simply implement stren() function in c++. Then he asked me to explain the usecases of merge sort and quick sort, where merge sort outperforms the quick sort. Then he asked me few questions based on time complexities of few General algorithms. Then he asked to be a small System design question, and few related to oops concept.

This round went pretty well for me, as all the questions assled were quite general.

ROUND 3: Few hrs later, I was called FOR ROUND-3.

This was the round which comprised (Behavioural, managerial, and oops based) questions. Senior developer from the company interviewed me. He began with the general introduction, and then he asked what is my favourite algorithms. Then he asked me to tell all the oops terminologies along with real-time examples. Then he asked me about my hobbies and interests.

This round was of about 35 mins. He then gave me some managerial questions by putting me in some kind of scenarios and asked me, that how I will be handling such situations.

This round was the last and final round, as many of my friends gave one more round than me because their behavioural and HR round was taken in separate timings.

Finally, 6 candidates were offered FTE by Providence.

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