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Print Colors in Python terminal
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020

There are several methods to output colored text to the terminal, in Python.The most common ways to do are:

Using built-in modules

  1. ‘colorama’ module : Cross-platform printing of colored text can then be done using Colorama’s constant shorthand for ANSI escape sequences:
    Example 1:

    # Python program to print
    # red text with green background
    from colorama import Fore, Back, Style
    print(Fore.RED + 'some red text')
    print(Back.GREEN + 'and with a green background')
    print(Style.DIM + 'and in dim text')
    print('back to normal now')



    Example 2:

    # Python program to print
    # green text with red background
    from colorama import init
    from termcolor import colored
    print(colored('Hello, World!', 'green', 'on_red'))



  2. ‘termcolor’ module : termcolor is a python module for ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal.

    # Python program to print
    # colored text and background
    import sys
    from termcolor import colored, cprint
    text = colored('Hello, World!', 'red', attrs=['reverse', 'blink'])
    cprint('Hello, World!', 'green', 'on_red')
    print_red_on_cyan = lambda x: cprint(x, 'red', 'on_cyan')
    print_red_on_cyan('Hello, World!')
    print_red_on_cyan('Hello, Universe!')
    for i in range(10):
        cprint(i, 'magenta', end=' ')
    cprint("Attention!", 'red', attrs=['bold'], file=sys.stderr)



Using ANSI Escape Codes

The most common way to print colored text is by printing ANSI escape sequences directly. This can be delivered in different formats such as:

  1. Build Functions to call : We can build functions to call particular color named functions to execute the relevant ANSI Escape Sequence.

    # Python program to print
    # colored text and background
    def prRed(skk): print("\033[91m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    def prGreen(skk): print("\033[92m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    def prYellow(skk): print("\033[93m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    def prLightPurple(skk): print("\033[94m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    def prPurple(skk): print("\033[95m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    def prCyan(skk): print("\033[96m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    def prLightGray(skk): print("\033[97m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    def prBlack(skk): print("\033[98m {}\033[00m" .format(skk))
    prCyan("Hello World, ")



  2. Build a class of colors : Create a class to allot background and foreground colors and call them.

    # Python program to print
    # colored text and background
    class colors:
    '''Colors class:reset all colors with colors.reset; two 
    sub classes fg for foreground 
    and bg for background; use as colors.subclass.colorname.
    i.e. or, the generic bold, disable, 
    underline, reverse, strike through,
    and invisible work with the main class i.e. colors.bold'''
        class fg:
        class bg:
    print(, "SKk",, "Amartya")
    print(, "SKk",, "Amartya")



  3. Iterating functions : We can design iterating & self generating ANSI Escape sequence, functions.

    # Python program to print
    # colored text and background
    def print_format_table():
        prints table of formatted text format options
        for style in range(8):
            for fg in range(30, 38):
                s1 = ''
                for bg in range(40, 48):
                    format = ';'.join([str(style), str(fg), str(bg)])
                    s1 += '\x1b[%sm %s \x1b[0m' % (format, format)



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