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Postman Interview Experience for Software Engineer Intern

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After applying to Postman’s official site in the month of June’20, I received the link for the HackerEarth test within a few days. First Round: Online Coding Test on HackerEarth
  • Test Format consists of 3 coding questions with easy, medium and hard difficulty level questions each and 17 MCQs questions covering Database, OOPs, Networking concepts
  • MCQ Questions
    • Negative marking was present in some of the questions
  • Coding Questions
    • The first question was based on finding a path for caterpillar which was based on DP. Question statement was a bit unclear so I was not able to solve this one and its score weightage was 110
    • The second question was based on Binary Search. I was able to solve this question fully and Its score weightage was 20
    • The third question was based on String Manipulation. I was able to solve this one also and its score weightage was again 20
After a few days, I received a mail from Postman stating that I had been selected for an interview and they gave me around 1 week to prepare for it. Second Round: Online Technical Interview
  • This interview lasts for around 45-50 minutes and the interviewer asked me to explain the projects that I have done so far.
  • On my surprise, he didn’t cross-question me anything about my projects and as my projects were based on Java, Blockchain, and ML and he was least interested in all these fields
  • Further, he asked me if I knew front-end or back-end development using JS to which I answered no as I haven’t worked on it
  • After this, he started asking me questions about Database concepts like ACID properties, normalization, etc and networking concepts like https, DNS, etc
  • I asked him to ask questions about DSA and Problem Solving, thus he asked me to tell the approach to validate any Html file. I answered this question starting from applying a check on the opening-closing tag in the file and then using stack data structure for its implementation and then for self-enclosing tags a similar logic can be used by placing all the self-enclosing tags in a map
  • The interviewer was very keen on the terminology that I had used for explaining the networking questions and he didn’t pay any heed to the work that I have done so far either in an internship or personal projects. He wanted to ask me about nodeJS as the whole Postman is developed using that only.
  • I would say if you are applying for Postman, do prepare well for JS concepts and make projects on that.
After 2 days, I had received a mail from them stating that I would not be considered for further rounds. That’s all about my experience in the whole interview process at Postman. Wishing you the best of luck for your interviews, and do hit upvote if my post has helped you in any way.

Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2020
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