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PHP pi( ) Function

Last Updated : 22 Jun, 2023
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While solving mathematical problems we often come across questions which requires the value of π. Manually inserting the value of PI (π) can be time-consuming and erroneous. It is also not considered as a good programming practice. To solve this issue a built-in function of PHP pi() comes to aid.

The pi() function in PHP is used to return the value of π . Also, M_PI is a named constant PHP which gives identical value to that of returned by pi() function. It is slightly faster than the pi() function.

Some other predefined named constants related to π are :

  • M_PI_2 : It describes π/2. Its value is 1.570796.
  • M_PI_4 : It describes π/4. Its value is 0.785398.
  • M_1_PI : It describes 1/π. Its value is 0.318309.
  • M_PI : It describes π. Its value is 3.141592.
  • M_2_PI : It describes 2/π. Its value is 0.636619.
  • M_SQRTPI : It describes sqrt(π). Its value is 1.772453.
  • M_2_SQRTPI : It describes 2/sqrt(π). Its value is 1.128379.


float pi()

Parameters: This function does not accept any parameter.

Return Value: It returns a floating point value which is an approximate value of PI.


Input : echo(pi())
Output : 3.1415926535898

Input : echo M_PI
Output : 3.1415926535898

Below programs illustrate the pi() function in PHP:

  1. When pi() function is used:




  2. When M_PI is used for finding the value of PI:

    echo M_PI;




Important Points To Note:

  • The pi() function can be used to return the value of π.
  • M_PI is a named constant which is slightly faster than the pi() function.
  • pi() function returns the value of pi as float.


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