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PHP | IntlCalendar isSet() Function
  • Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2019
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The IntlCalendar::isSet() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to check whether a given field is set or not. This function is opposite to IntlCalendar::clear() function.


  • Object oriented style
    bool IntlCalendar::isSet( int $field )
  • Procedural style
    bool intlcal_is_set( IntlCalendar $cal, int $field )

Parameters: This function uses two parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • $cal: This parameter holds the resource of IntlCalendar object.
  • $field: This parameter holds one of the IntlCalendar date/time field constants. The value of field constants are integer and lies between 0 to IntlCalendar::FIELD_COUNT.

Return Value: This function returns TRUE if the field is set and returns error if the field is not set.

Below program illustrates the IntlCalendar::isSet() function in PHP:


// Set the DateTime zone
ini_set('date.timezone', 'Asia/Calcutta');
// Create an instance of IntlCalendar
$calendar = IntlCalendar::createInstance('Asia/Calcutta');
// Check month field is set or not
// Set the DateTime to the object
$calendar->set(2019, 8, 29);
// Check for month field
// Set the DateTime object
$calendar->set(strtotime('2019-09-22 12:30:00'));
// Check for year field


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