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PHP Ds\PriorityQueue Functions Complete Reference

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PriorityQueue is similar to a Queue data structure. The elements of the priority queue are pushed into the queue with a given priority. The highest priority element will always been present at the front of the queue. The priority queue is implemented using the max heap.

Requirements: PHP 7 is required for both extension and the compatibility polyfill. 

Installation: The easiest way to install data structure by using the PECL extension.

pecl install ds


public Ds\PriorityQueue::functionName()

Example: Below programs illustrate the Ds\PriorityQueue::count() Function in PHP:


// Declare new PriorityQueue
$pq = new \Ds\PriorityQueue();
// Add elements to the PriorityQueue
$pq->push("One", 1);
$pq->push("Two", 2);
$pq->push("Three", 3);
// Count the number of elements
// in this PriorityQueue



Complete list of PHP Ds\PriorityQueue Functions:

PHP Ds\PriorityQueue Functions


allocate() Allocate memory for a PriorityQueue class instance
capacity() Check the current capacity of a PriorityQueue instance.
clear() Clear all of the elements from a PriorityQueue instance.
copy() Create a shallow copy of a particular PriorityQueue instance.
count() Get the count of elements present in a Priority Queue instance.
peek() Get the value present at the front of a PriorityQueue.
pop() Remove and return the value present at the top of the PriorityQueue.
push() Push or insert values in a PriorityQueue instance.
toArray() Convert a PriorityQueue into an associative array in PHP.
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Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2023
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