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PHP Calendar Functions Complete Reference

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The calendar extension contains a series of functions to represent the calendar date into a different format. The standard date is based on Julian Day Count. The date count starting from January 1st, 4713 B.C. is known as Julian Day Count. First, the date is converted into Julian Day Count and then converted into a calendar system. 

Example:  The program below illustrate the use of jdtofrench() function.


// PHP program to demonstrate the
// use of jdtofrench() function
// converts date to julian integer
$jd = frenchtojd(1, 7, 13);
// prints the julian day integer
echo "The julian day integer is ", $jd, "\n";
// converts the Julian day to French date
$date = jdtofrench($jd);
// prints the date
echo "The french date initially taken was ", ($date), "\n";


The julian day integer is 2380229
The french date initially taken was 1/7/13

The complete list of calendar functions are given below:

PHP Calendar Functions Description
cal_days_in_month() Return the number of days in a month for a specific year. 
cal_from_jd() Returns the array containing calendar information of the specified calendar.
cal_info() Return information about a specified calendar. 
cal_to_jd() Convert a specified date into Julian Day Count. 
easter_date() Returns the Easter date in the year passed as an argument. 
easter_days() Returns the number of days after March 21, that the Easter Day is in the given year
frenchtojd() Convert the date in the French republican calendar and converts it to a Julian Day count.
gregoriantojd() Converts a Gregorian date to a Julian Day Count. 
jddayofweek() Returns the given day of the week of a Julian integer passed in the argument.
jdmonthname() Returns the month name of a Julian day number passed as the argument. 
jdtofrench() Converts a Julian Day Integer to a French date. 
jdtogregorian() Converts a Julian Day Integer to a Gregorian date.
jdtojulian() Convert a Julian day count to a Julian calendar date.
jdtounix() Convert a Julian day date into a Unix Timestamp. 
jewishtojd() Converts a Jewish Date to a Julian Day Count.
juliantojd() Convert Julian calendar Date to Julian Day count
unixtojd() Converts the Unix timestamp to Julian Day count.
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Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2023
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