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PHP | jdtogregorian() Function

  • Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2018

The jdtogregorian() function is a built-in function which converts a Julian Day Integer to Gregorian date. The function accepts a Julian Day integer and returns the converted Gregorian Date in $month / $day / $year.



Parameters: The function accepts one mandatory parameter $jd which specifies the Julian day.

Return Value: The function returns the Gregorian date. The return format of the date is $month / $day / $year.


Input : 2458209
Output : 3/31/2018

Input : 2458236
Output : 4/27/2018

Below programs illustrate the jdtogregorian() function.

Program 1: The program below illustrate the use of jdtogregorian() function.

// PHP program to demonstrate the
// use of jdtogregorian() function 
// converts date to julian integer 
$jd = gregoriantojd(3, 31, 2018);
// converts the Julian day to Gregorian date
$date = jdtogregorian($jd);
// prints the date
echo ($date), "\n"



Program 2: The program below shows the output when an invalid Julian day integer is passed.

// PHP program to demonstrate the output
// of jdtogregorian() function when 0 is 
// passed as Julian Day, which is invalid
// converts the Julian day to Gregorian date 
// invalid hence outputs 0/0/0 
$date = jdtogregorian(0);
// prints the date
echo ($date), "\n"




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