Perl | Useful Math functions

In Perl, sometimes there is a need to solve various expressions that contain some mathematical operations. These mathematical operations can be performed with the use of various inbuilt-functions.





# Initialising some values for the 
# parameter of the exp function 
$A = 0; 
$B = 1; 
# Calling the exp function 
$E = exp $A
$F = exp $B
# Getting the value of "e" raised to the 
# power of the given parameter. 
print "$E\n"
print "$F\n"
# Calculating square root using sqrt() 
$square_root = sqrt(64); 
# Printing the result 
print "Squareroot of 64 is: $square_root"


Some useful functions for mathematical operations in Perl are listed below:

Function Description
exp() Calculates ā€œeā€ raised to the power of the real number taken as the parameter
hex() Converts the given hexadecimal number ( of base 16 ) into its equivalent decimal number ( of base 10 ).
srand() Helps rand() function to generate a constant value each time the program is run
sqrt() Used to calculate the square root of a number
oct() Converts the octal value passed to its respective decimal value
rand() Returns a random fractional number between 0 and the positive number value passed to it, or 1 if no value is specified
log() Returns the natural logarithm of value passed to it. Returns $_ if called without passing a value
int() Returns the integer part of given value. It returns $_ if no value provided
sin() Used to calculate sine of a VALUE or $_ if VALUE is omitted
cos() Used to calculate cosine of a VALUE or $_ if VALUE is omitted
atan2() Used to calculate arctangent of Y/X in the range -PI to PI.
abs() Returns the absolute value of its argument
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