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Oyo Interview | Experience : 3 years

  • Last Updated : 16 Apr, 2019

Round 1: Online Coding

Q1 Return minimum length positive subarray from a given array.

Q2 Return number of possible strings from a given encoded input Encoding scheme :

A -> 1, B -> 2, … Z-> 26. Given input 123, answer is 3 (as 123 can be ABC or AW or LC)

Round 2: Face-to-Face

Q1. Find number in sorted 2D matrix(sorted row wise and column wise).



Round 3: Face-to-Face

Q1. Design database schema similar to . My answer was similar to accepted answer in this ques. and interviewer was satisfied.


Q3. Design optimal DS for following operations : 1) insert(int x)  2) boolean exists(int x)  3) getKthMostFrequentElement() .

Round 4: Face-to-Face with Engineering Manager

Q1. Design Distributed LRU Cache.

Q2. Design(db and api’s) for BookMyShow like system.

Round 5:Non-Technincal

Why Oyo, describe your dream job, how would you make Uber pool profitable, why do we need manual testers etc. Most of these were open-ended discussion based questions.


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