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One97(Paytm) Interview Experience

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Written 1: Technical and Aptitude. Written 2: Written Coding
  • Written 1 was Normal Written exam based on fundamentals of Aptitude and Computer Science.
  • Written 2: Few Questions I remembered : Q1:
         char a;
         int i = 300;
         a = &i;
     Imagine you have a special keyboard with the following keys:
    where CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+V each acts as one function key for “Select All”, “Copy”, and “Paste” operations respectively. If you can only press the keyboard for N times (with the above four keys), please write a program to produce maximum numbers of A. If possible, please also print out the sequence of keys. That is to say, the input parameter is N (No. of keys that you can press), the output is M (No. of As that you can produce). Q3: Consider a Binary Tree not necessarily BST, Remove all nodes which don’t lie in any path with sum>= k. Q4: Given an array arrange it in the form a<b>c<d>e<f>g………. Q5: Given an array of numbers arrange it in the form of a single number such that the concluded number is the maximum. e.g. given : 99, 8, 76, 45, 66, 9, 7, 33, 5, 42 O/P : 99987766654233 Sectional Cut-off for O/P and Coding Questions. Marking was done against the correct approach, not the exact answers.
  • Round 1 (Technical): Q1: How will you store 800 Million records in database. Q2: Data storage of double and float differs in C/C++ and Java How is it ??? Q2: Transfer data between a program written in Java and C#. Q3: I need to establish a network in which I will be sure of security, How will you proceed Q4: A and B are two sets Write a non-nested query so that I can get the data in B but not in A. Q5: 000…………..? 11111111111111111111…………….? Write a Program which finds the index of the start of series 11111111…..?.
  • Round 2 (Technical): Q1: Give your introduction along with your technical skills. Q2: Explain your project “Stock Prediction” Q3: I want to retrieve records from a table from date 1 – 15. I don’t want to use range Queries Suggest optimal solutions… I suggest Indexing on the date column. He insisted on alternate ways. “he said what you think you can do……” Q4: What is Unique and NULL Constraint? Difference between Primary Key and Unique. How many maximum records in Unique can be NULL? Q5: Write the Most optimized algorithm for finding a Word in the sentence. (I used the Trie approach, he scolded me for not asking the sentence is sorted or not. the used Binary search.) Q6: Difference between thread and process. What is PCB? What is synchronization ?? What is Semaphore? Explain and solve the Producer-Consumer Problem using Semaphore? What is Drawback here What is the monitor? Solve Producer-Consumer Problem using Monitor and explain the pros and cons. Final 8 candidates from Delhi region selected.
  • Round 3(Final Round Managerial and Technical): Q1: What you want to do in your Life ?? Discussion life as a placement coordinator? What you did ? your duties? differences you made … Q2: Doing Post Market Analysis of a Stock Market of Previous Month. Write a Program of Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit. Q3: Explain Cursor ? its types? differences between them? What to use when? Q4: Explain Matrix? Matrix Multiplication? Difference ways of Matrix Multiplication? Explain Both. Q5: What are you doing right now ??? will you join us ?? Why ??
Students from 30 Colleges of India are evaluated and Top 25 are offered the JOB. I was not one of them.

Last Updated : 28 May, 2019
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