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NXcrypt – Python Backdoor Framework

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2022
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NXcrypt is a polymorphic crypter with Python backdoors. The output is completely unnoticeable. NXcrypt uses a multi-threading mechanism to inject a malicious python file into a regular file. Use the superuser’s permissions to run it. The output of NXcrypt is completely untraceable and is python based tool. NXcrypt tool is available on the Github platform for free and its open-source tool so you can also contribute to it.

Note: As NXcrpyt is a python-based utility, make sure you have Python2 installed on your Kali Linux system. To check the installation process, click here: Steps for installing Python on Linux.

Installation of NXcrypt Tool on Kali Linux OS

Step 1: Use the following command to install this tool in the Kali Linux system.    


Step 2: To execute the tool, you must first navigate to the directory and then run the tool script for its usage.

cd NXcrypt


Step 3: Execute the below command to install all the required packages which are required for the execution of the NXcrypt tool.

sudo chmod 777 NXcrypt


Step 5: Verify the installation with the command below and check the help page of the tool for better understanding.

sudo ./ -h


Using NXcrypt Tool on Kali Linux OS

Example 1: Encrypt and the output file is

sudo ./ – –

In below the screenshot, we will display the file


In this screenshot, we will encrypt the file.


We will execute the following command for display file 


Example 2: Inject with into with multi-threading system

sudo ./ – – –

In this screenshot, we will execute the following command for the display file 


In this screenshot, we will execute the following command for the display


We will  Inject with into with a multi-threading system


In the below screenshot we have displayed the content of,,


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