NTT Data Interview Experience

Round 1:Online Aptitude Test conducted on the platform “Aspiring Minds”. The aptitude test consists of the basic questions on Quantitative(time-work, percentage, logarithmic, train, ratio-proportion, etc..), Logical, English(basic Grammar, comprehensive type questions, error detection), technical MCQS (C, Java, DBMS, SORTING techniques, time complexities).

As it was an off-campus process, in all 800 students appeared for the online test. Out of which 150 were shortlisted.

Once, the first round’s results are out, you will be called within 2-3 days for the further rounds.

Round 2:Group discussion – depends on the panel. If they want to conduct it or not. And then a technical interview. In technical round, most of the times they ask  you  to brief your third year mini-project and your BE project. Like what was your contribution in it and the technical part of it. Also some DBMS queries and some programs to write.


Round 3:It is the managerial round, where the panel has some discussion with you regarding your achievements, your strengths and weaknesses and other general discussion.

The results would be declared on the same day.

All the best……..

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